The Library is well-stocked with vast varieties of books on various subjects of science. The library has a good number of reference books, encyclopedia, periodicals, magazines, national and international journals, current and back volumes. The Library has a “Book Bank” consisting of core texts books, which are issued to D. El. Ed. students for the whole academic year. The library has comfortable Reading sections with a seating capacity of 40. The library remains open from 9.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m on all working days.

Physics Lab

In the Institute there is a physics laboratory in which students have the opportunity to perform experiments to observe and measure various physical phenomena. The Physics Lab has a Dark Room well equipped to conduct the optical experiments.The lab is well furnished and equipped as per the norm of university.

Chemistry Lab

We have a well equipped and spacious chemistry laboratory with the capacity to accommodate 50 students. We provide the latest facilities to students for chemistry practicals prescribed by CSJM University. Students learn and absorb much more through pragmatic experiments under the supervision of well qualified and experienced faculty members.

Botany Lab

SKEI has well furnished and equipped botany lab for undergraduate students to perform various botany practical which are necessary for the study of the structure, properties, and biochemical processes of all forms of plant life, taxonomy, diseases and interactions of plants with their physical environment.

Zoology Lab

Zoology lab is well equipped with all necessary facilities for higher studies. The equipments are based on the latest technology. Some important practical covered during the session are dissection of animals, Permanent slide preparation, embryological, physiological & cytological experiments, study of bones, insects pests, plant nematodes, edible fishes, parasitic protozoan, Hb%, study of ecosystem, immunology, biotechnology, animal bahaviour, toxicology etc.

Laboratory has a good arrangement of equipments like Microscope, Hemoglobinometer, pH meter, Colorimeter, haemocytometer, Centrifuge, Incubator, Microtone etc.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab is equipped with 50 terminals and internet facilities for the students and teachers. The Lab is also equipped teaching aids such as LCD projectors and scanners. The entire college campus is Wi-Fi  enabled.

Conference Hall

The institute has air-conditioned conference hall which can accommodate up to 300 students and is frequently used for seminars, talks and lectures by external professionals. It has an LCD projector and is also used for screening film shows by the institute.

Sports and Games

The Sports facilities in the college include a large playground. Intensive training is imparted under expert guidance. Each year, students of Shree Krishna Educational Institute achieve notable distinctions, and many of them are selected for All India Inter- University and National tournaments.

Facilities are provided for Athletics, Hockey, Table- Tennis, Volley Ball, Kabaddi and Cross Country.

Counselling Services

The College organizes “career counselling sessions” time to time for students, throughout the academic session. Expert counselors are invited for career consultation.

Identity Card

Every student of the College is provided with an Identity Card after the admission. This Card should always remain in his/her possession and should be produced as and when asked for. In case of its loss, the student will be required to get a duplicate one by  giving an application and furnishing a copy of her photograph.

Vollyball Court

Power Supply

Safety Measure Fire Stinguisher

Power Backup

CCTV Camera

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